Growing up in the town of Dalton, Massachusetts, located in the heart of the picturesque Berkshire Hills, I developed a connection with nature. This is evident throughout my work, as many of my pieces incorporate the leaves, vines and flowers that grow in my extensive English-style gardens.

With degrees in both design and sculpture, I love working and experimenting with the use of form, shape and texture. I have always had a passion for weaving and basketry, but when I was exposed to ceramics through friends who were potters, I found that getting my hands into clay was a natural. So rather than choosing between the two mediums, I decided to pursue both.

In 2002, I married my husband Jeff, who has honed his talents with slab ceramics as his creative outlet. Now together at our studios in North Attleboro, Massachusetts our partnership allows me to focus on the baskets and traveling to shows, while he keeps the kilns firing back at home.

Each basket starts with a hand-built clay base created in our slab studio that often incorporates real leaf impressions and pressed fabric patterns to create and highlight textures and shapes.  The basketry is attached through holes in the rim of the pottery piece and I weave the baskets using a technique that I have developed over the last 30 years.  The baskets are often embellished with materials such as leather, copper, and glass beads to further accent my designs.   

As we grow together as artists, Jeff and my collaboration inspires us to develop new and innovative ideas, allowing for a continuous evolution of our work.